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  • There’s still time to act

    The tax year ends on Wednesday 5 April 2017, over a week before Easter. At the time of writing, the…

    11 April, 2017 / tax

  • Budget holds good news for dentists

    The headlines from Chancellor George Osborne’s latest budget may focus on the fragility of the economy and further cuts to…

    16 March, 2016 / tax

  • Targeting tax credit fraud

    A new scheme that aims to stamp out fraud and errors in dental exemption claims, saving the health service more…

    29 September, 2015 / tax

  • Stay or go?

    Should I stay or should I take my pension in one go? The April 2015 pension changes mean that it…

    31 July, 2015 / tax

  • Budget reaction

    George Osborne, delivered his second Budget of 2015 today. Following the promises made in the election campaign the main focus…

    8 July, 2015 / tax