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  • Share your successes, dentists urged

    The chair of the British Dental Association (BDA) has called on the dental profession to share their stories and show…

    23 June, 2017 / mick-armstrong

  • Reappointment a ‘missed opportunity’

    The decision to reappoint Bill Moyes as chair of the General Dental Council (GDC) has been described as a “missed…

    6 April, 2017 / mick-armstrong

  • Profession and industry reacts to GDC proposals

    The British Dental Association (BDA) has cautiously welcomed the GDC’s new reform plans, saying that it will study the proposals…

    27 January, 2017 / mick-armstrong

  • Case examiners move is welcomed by BDA

    New appointments will take over the decision-making functions of the Investigating Committee at the GDC

    30 November, 2016 / mick-armstrong

  • BDA sounds note of caution

    The BDA has warned that there could be “significant changes” ahead for dentistry in the UK after the British people…

    24 June, 2016 / mick-armstrong

  • Dental profession reacts to sugar tax announcement

    While the announcement of a sugar tax has been hailed as a positive step in the right direction, the news…

    17 March, 2016 / mick-armstrong

  • BDA calls for GDC chair to resign

    The British Dental Association has again called for the head of the GDC to resign after the latest damning report…

    29 January, 2016 / mick-armstrong

  • New ARF consultation proposes fee freeze

    Less than year after a judicial review ruled that the General Dental Council (GDC) had acted unlawfully in its consultation…

    12 October, 2015 / mick-armstrong

  • BDA pulls plug on Scottish survey

    Practitioners have reacted angrily to the BDA’s decision to pull their support for a survey of Scottish dentists’ attitudes to…

    28 July, 2015 / mick-armstrong