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  • Grinding patient makes veneers claim

    Paul, a 54-year-old patient attends a dental clinic wanting to improve the appearance of his smile and consults with one…

    10 April, 2017 / mddus

  • The price of the sound of music

    The Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland (MDDUS) has moved to clarify the situation around music being played in…

    6 April, 2017 / mddus

  • Profession and industry reacts to GDC proposals

    The British Dental Association (BDA) has cautiously welcomed the GDC’s new reform plans, saying that it will study the proposals…

    27 January, 2017 / mddus

  • Recordings advice

    Scots dentists have been advised to avoid confrontational or defensive reactions to patients who covertly record their consultation. Defence organisation…

    29 September, 2015 / mddus

  • New Fit for Work scheme rolled out in May

    Practices must update their sickness absence policies to reflect the new Fit for Work scheme currently being rolled out across…

    25 March, 2015 / mddus