Dingwall dentist struck off

29 September, 2016 / infocus

A dentist from Dingwall has been struck off by the General Dental Council for multiple failings in relation to two patients.

David Naisby (51366) was found to have failed to adequately treat a child patient’s caries which is said to have resulted in extensive treatment, including fillings and extractions. The second patient was referred to the GDC via the Dental Complaints Service and concerned root canal and “extensive” cosmetic treatment that was undertaken by Mr Naisby. A subsequent dentist discovered chronic periodontal disease that, it was found, should have been identified and treated previously.

The GDC’s Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) found that: “Mr Naisby’s conduct in failing to obtain and update medical history, prescribing antibiotics without justification and failing to take radiographs that were clinically indicated were all matters that placed the patients at serious risk of harm. Mr Naisby also caused actual harm as a result of the shortcomings in his clinical practice. His consistent failure to diagnose and treat dental disease had ramifications for Patient A and Patient B, both of whom required extensive treatment from subsequent treating dentists.”

In coming to it’s conclusion the PCC report stated: “Mr Naisby has failed to engage with his regulatory body in the face of serious allegations and there has been no evidence to date of any understanding on his part of the gravity of harm he caused to the patients in this case, one of whom was a minor and thus particularly vulnerable. The committee considered that Mr Naisby’s behaviour in this regard is such that it is incompatible with continued registration as a dental professional.”

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